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What Does MUTA Do for You?

* We fight for your right to vote on any tax or major government construction project. We battle blatant taxpayer rip-offs, such as COP financing of public buildings in order to avoid a vote of the people.

* We attend and testify at countless hearings and board meetings (City Councils, Supervisors, Golden Gate Bridge, MMWD, Marin Community College District, MHS, Etc.) trying to halt their tax-and-spend excesses.

* We do the same in Sacramento, where we fight to preserve your precious citizen initiative process against the Legislature's endless attempts to cripple it. This crown jewel in the people's arsenal of democracy must be protected.

* We write letters to the editor and to politicians; newspaper op-ed pieces; and ballot arguments (for the voters' ballot book) on tax-related measures.

* We publish the Tax News, a quarterly newsletter sent out to our members and other individuals and organizations throughout California.

* We do citizen initiatives on County and State issues. Our efforts range from authorship to signature-gathering to campaign management.

* We form coalitions with other taxpayer and good government groups, locally to nationally, to achieve common goals on taxpayer issues and to fight government waste and fraud.

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