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You can help MUTA fulfill its mission in multiple ways:

* Join MUTA.

* Contribute to MUTA even if you choose not to join MUTA

* Volunteer to attend meetings and be a MUTA "reporter".

* Grow MUTA by contacting individuals and businesses to tell them about MUTA.

* Help with administrative activities to keep MUTA operating.

Your support either by becoming a member or contributor helps us to reach out to the community. This requires little of your time, but helps us enormously to keep MUTA as an active community watchdog.

If you wish to contribute some time to help us monitor and report on government groups and agencies, that is a great help too. Often we are unable to attend meetings because of our own schedule or that occur simultaneously. It helps to have a "substitute reporter" to attend as an alternate. We also need more than one person attending many meetings so coverage is thorough.

To Join MUTA, print out an application and send it to us. Membership details are on the form (Membership Application). Print it out and send it to us. The address is on the form.

To Contribute to MUTA, send us an email (info@marinunitedtaxpayers.org). We will answer your inquiry as soon as we can. We do not have a permanent office staff, as we are an all volunteer organization and want to employ your contributions as effectively as possible.

To Volunteer, you can check one of the boxes on your Membership Application. Alternatively, you can tell us what you'd like to do by printing a Volunteer Application. Send it to the address on the form. We will get back to you shortly.

To Grow MUTA, use the Volunteer Application to indicate what you might like to do. Mail it to us, or look at the form and either call or email us with your thoughts.

Like all volunteer organizations, we need help with mailing, calling, making arrangements for meetings and many other activities that arise from time to time. The Volunteer Application is a good place to indicate your preferences or how you might like to help us. Mail it to us, or look at the form and either call or email us with your thoughts.

Your support of MUTA is greatly appreciated. You are also appreciated by the many people who pay taxes in Marin County and are affected by unreasonable regulations implemented by the various government entities in Marin!

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