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ELECTION ISSUE: MUTA member, Michael Hartnett M.D. is spearheading the campaign against Measure A, with MUTA support.

On the ballot this November 2016 is a Measure that asks voters to add to the sales tax in Marin, a tax that will add to indigent services costs in Marin, add to the demand for high density low income housing, and will cause Marin to be flooded with those seeking free child care benefits that are not offered by other counties. Build free services, and they will come.

Under the guise of pre-K education for indigents/low-income, Measure A basically offers free child care for all, including non-residents. When taxpayers are paying $500+/- a month for child care, should we really tax Marin residents to give it to some people for free?

This Measure was put together and sold by high paid consultants to try to appeal to everyone, after expensive polls to figure out what would "sell." By manipulating voters, the paid staff of some of the supporting "groups," assure their continued salaries. They included a reference to healthcare for kids - because that sells per the polling, however there already is free healthcare in Marin for young children, and this Measure would duplicate that free benefit. Feel like a "chump" yet? This is how the voters are bamboozled.

If you do not think that free child care to non-residents will fuel the need for more social services, more low income, dense housing, etc., vote for this Measure. If if makes sense that these further free services will be a magnet for those seeking more free services, at the cost of Marin taxpayers, do not vote for this Measure.


It appears the Measure's primary function is to provide childcare services for low-income families. There is no residency requirement. Many will flock to Marin for free childcare.

This influx of those seeking free childcare will create the need for greater, costly social services. Marin is not even currently taking care of its own needy residents: the mentally ill, the homeless, disabled veterans and more. Taxpayer dollars should be spent on government mandates such as safety, roads, traffic mitigation, schools, and healthcare.

Moreover, the influx will increase the pressure exerted by the State for more subsidized low-income high density housing to be placed in small Marin neighborhoods. Residents of Marinwood, Strawberry, Novato, Fairfax and other Marin towns have rejected such plans, but the threat still looms.

Advocates of free childcare ought to seek funding from the Marin Community Foundation, not taxpayers. The Buck Fund was specifically established to provide such services to Marin's needy.

Most of the "other" services mentioned in the language of the Measure are already provided in Marin. A portion is designated for healthcare - however, under the ACA every child should be insured already. It's our County Health Department's job to make sure children are enrolled. There is no reason to set up a new bureaucracy to duplicate services - at taxpayer's expense.

The County will have plenty of money for healthcare and other services when it addresses out of control benefits for retirees, as outlined in the 2015 Grand Jury Report.

A quarter cent may not seem like much, but the sales tax in Marin is approaching the maximum 10%. Sales taxes rob consumers of purchasing power, ultimately costing jobs. People will go elsewhere to buy goods and services.

Please vote "No on A." It hurts Marin.

s/MICHAEL HARTNETT, Representing Marin United Taxpayers Association


This measure's tax money is supposed to be for pre­school and childcare but supporters talk about preventing alcohol and drug abuse. Is that a problem for preschoolers? Of course not.

If children's healthcare is covered by Obama Care or MediCal, why does part of Measure A go towards this? Because an expensive marketing firm conducted a poll that showed support for this tax went up when health care was included.

Voters are being manipulated into paying for expensive, unnecessary, non-mandated programs for non-residents.

Parents in Marin work two jobs to pay for expensive childcare.

Marin residents are not getting what their tax dollars are supposed to provide: traffic mitigation, crime control (now increasing), mental health care, homeless services, and better schools.

Both ABAG (Association of Bay Area Governments) and Sacramento are pressuring Marin to build subsidized high density housing, despite widespread opposition here.

Offering free childcare to indigents would flood Marin with people seeking those free services and more free services, including subsidized housing.

Adding up to 200 new students to a school district, whose families live in high density housing exempt from property taxes, would be overwhelming.

There is legislation pending in Sacramento that makes it difficult if not impossible for communities to fight such developments.

That this tax increase is offset by some decrease in state sales tax misses the point: this is bad policy and will hurt small Marin neighborhoods, worsen traffic and strain public services.

Vote "NO on A." Don't be fooled.

s/MICHAEL HARTNETT, Representing Marin United Taxpayers Association

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